Python Task Automation Course

Price: ₹3580.00

fintroops is exclusively providing 2 month internship opportunity for the students on Python Programming and automating the tasks with python automation.
Python is widely considered as the preferred language for learning Task Automation and ML (Machine Learning).

Start Date: 5th September 2020
End Date: 4th November 2020
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Course Content and Benifits

Python Basics
Intermediate Python

List, Tuples, Dictionary, File I/O, Functions, Exceptions

Advanced Python

Classes/Objects, Regrssions

Python Web Scraping

Basics of Web Scraping like how you can easily scrap from resourceful websites and use that data from research purposes.

Python Task Automation

Automation of Tasks has become a familiar concept, and many of us want to automate one or the other task in our day to day life. This course will explain you how to do Automation using python at a basic level.

Skill Share Premium
Course Completiton Certificate

Every Registed Person will recieve a Certificate of Course Completition in any case.

Outstander Performer Certification

Outstander Performer Certificate will be given to top performers of developing projects.

An opportunity to get selected for fintroops Summer Internship

Best performers will be given an opportunity of Doing Summer Internship with Fintroops.